Hello Pets,

My name is Miss Chloe Rose. You may call Me Queen or Goddess.

 I have personally trained countless pets in My home and My Dungeon over the last 5 years. I have very select deep D/s connections with My pets.  They connect with Me on a deep level. Some I have even trained domestically to come and clean and serve in My home. This is why I am so selective. I pour My energy into My business and My pets. My boys work their butts off to serve Me with ultimate dedication, loyalty, and creativity. They know I wish them to seek out more ways to go above and beyond to please Me. 


I have a private dungeon in Sacramento, Ca. My private play space is supreme with a double sided cross, a bondage table, suspension chains and more. It also has a lovely lounge for more intimate play scenes like boot worship etc. I love My play space, it really helps knowing everything is sterile and the mood is right. Not to mention all the lovely tie down points!


Please complete steps 1 & 2 of My vetting process above. Only then I will get in touch to book you an in person interview before booking your first session with Me. Also I HIGHLY recommend buying a couple of My clips! Get to know My style and vibe! I am currently taking quarterly clients in Sacramento or very select online clients.

Want to learn about rope, D/s, or how to play safely? I also provide BDSM Education and Training.  I offer 1 on 1 BDSM education for couples and singles looking to hone their craft and learn from a Prodomme in a professional space. I have been doing 1 on 1 BDSM education for several years, mostly so far have been teaching women how to be more dominant and assertive, or teaching technical skills like impact play, wax play, electric play etc.  I also write educational BDSM books on amazon and My clip sites! Learn how to be a proper gurl, how to be a better submissive and more. My skills are best suited to teach sadist's or Mommy/Daddy doms. 

I am that angelic looking Femdom who will sweetly ask you to do things that will make you whimper. I am your fantasies and nightmares combined.  I am uniquely empathetic and sweet when not in session, which allows Me to be quite the sadist when in session. I will hurt you and laugh from joy while doing it.  Yes you serving Me is primarily about entertaining My mind. I have a wonderful sense of humor, I find torturing you mentally and physically to be immensely entertaining and funny.  While I enjoy being a sadist and a mental fucker, these will be within your limits. You would be surprised at what I can do and not leave a mark.


I believe in mutual respect, in making My submissive's lives better through domination and in using My domination powers for good not evil (aka manipulation or My own gain). Yes I expect payment for My services because I know what My services and skills are worth, but I am not into putting down My pets verbally and telling them they are worthless.


 I am very picky about who I choose to train, I demand impeccable attitudes and true submission. While I accept one time sessions I prefer submissives I can train and teach to serve Me better over time. Wow sessions are rarely the first session, I have to get to know what makes you tick... In addition trust has to be established between Mistress and sub over time. Also as I have said I mostly get off on long term D/s arrangements that lead to deep connections and types of play I cannot participate in with a newbie sub who has only seen Me once.

My Philosophy: I am a strict but consistent Femdom. I love training My subs and correcting their behavior. I expect your best, make no mistake you will be pushed, but I make sure all My sub's needs are met. It is My job to keep you safe & train you, it is your job to be the best sub you are able & please Me with your submission and service. I recognize the responsibility of My position, hopefully you realize yours.


Lots of Love and Pain,

Mistress Chloe