• Mistress Chloe Rose

A Romp in the Woods

So E and I went camping this last weekend and it was absolutely sublime. We hiked, laid around and had some great sex :) I collected some forest samples to dry and stayed off My phone for a much needed break! Yay self care!

Anyways it made Me think about My someday fantasy of running around the woods chasing subs around with a paint gun or some fun nonsense. When I get the land I someday want I hope it will have the trees and privacy for this. I'd set up a zipline so that I could get ahead of them and ambush them. hehehe no one said I'd play fair. Every hit with the paintball gun is a cane hit later and nuts are bonus shot! hehehehe that's one way to make them drop to the ground right? Once I "catch" said sub then I'd tie them to a tree to commence the caning. Squirm all you want that tree isn't going anywhere! Nor will anyone hear you yell all the way out here!

Do you want to see My slave chasing daydreams come true? Send a minimum of a 3 digit (preferably 4) Tribute at paymistresschloerose.com and put "For Your DayDreams" in the subject. Til then I will have to be content with running around in the woods without you.

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