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Affordable BDSM

We all know how much bdsm accessories and toys can cost. But it doesn't have to be expensive. Some of My favorite items to play with are very inexpensive. Here's a few.

* Hairbrush spankings :) Wooden hair brushes make excellent paddles plus they double for sensation play. Subs love having the bristles rubbed over their paddled asses.

* Home depot has wooden rods available to buy for next to nothing. I bought one cut it in half, wrapped it in electrical tape, used some cord for a very easy humbler. The main thing with this one is that when you wrap the cord on the two ends to close it to wrap some between the rods to create space for the testical cords. Example below.

*Clothespins can be used instead of clamps and can be found at most general stores for not very much.

*Horse crops when bought at a tack store are very affordable $15 ish on average and last a lot longer than sex store crops.

*Twine is amazing and very inexpensive. You can find smooth or very coarse twine depending on how sadistic you are trying to be. I like to use it for cbt and predicament bondage.

*Everyone knows about kneeling on rice.... But have your sub try kneeling on a cardboard cat scratcher box. I promise they will be begging you for mercy in no time! They last for several uses if your cat doesn't destroy it first.

*Fly swatters are very inexpensive, EXTREMELY stingy and very versatile. You can hit the nips, or junk or inner thighs. Make sure to watch for breakage as they wear out the plastic breaks and can cut the skin.

*Any of the following can be used in a pinch for binding wrists together...

pantyhose, ties, belts, handkerchief, tape... (please don't use zip ties)

*Kitchen wooden spoons make excellent spanking implements and the bonus is when the sub cooks with it later they will remember the spanking you gave them.

*Pet stores have lot's of good finds... Collars, leashes, electric mats, tags :) I shop there a lot for My pets.

Hope you enjoyed the list of ideas :) When using homemade toys make sure to supervise extra closely in case of unexpected consequences. Remember safety first.

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