• Mistress Chloe Rose

New Equipment List

As a Professional Dominatrix I always need updated toys and gear :) So I thought I'd help you out by writing down some of the things I need for this next year.

* Leather Belt Restraint System

I estimate a system of 4 belts to cost about $150

*Twisted Monk Rope Kit $250

I've been doing this for 5 years now and I have completely worn out My rope.

*New black leather cuffs with fleece lining $100

*Rotating/Heating dildo $35

*New Costumes/lingerie for sessions $50-$25o

*Straight Jacket $350

*New Costumes/lingerie for sessions $50-$250

*Straight Jacket $350

*Mistress Self Care $300-500

Nothing is cheap with a quality Dominatrix so dig deep boys.

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