• Mistress Chloe Rose

New Year Aspirations

Before January is over I wanted to do a post here about what I would like out of the New Year as a Prodomme. Maybe you can help Me attain some of these ;)


* More masochists willing to be marked. I love the masochists I have but as none of them can be whipped or caned it is a bit sad for Me. I'd love more submissives who are looking for corporal punishment in 2020 :)

* More medical scenes involving needles and other types of extreme masochism. I am interested in trying staples and scalpels particularly.

* More long term bondage sessions. I have so been enjoying mummification and I'd love to find a sub looking to take this further (these low maintenance types of sessions have a different fee fyi)

* More cuckold sessions. I love My bi-annual cuckold session with My special cuckie but I'd still like to do a few more a year. They are very fun.

* Sessions at the Citadel in SF. :) I'd like to do sessions there periodically I think it would be fun.

* Pony play sessions, I've always thought this was such an interesting fetish :) Must have equipment or fund equipment.

ITEMS: Sleep Sack, Custom Corset, Fucking Machine, New Laptop for Clip Editing.

MISC: Get a piercing or tattoo for Me, Put Me in your will, a 5 digit tribute (done 4 so now I want 5), Tribute every day for 30 days, Go into Steelworks cage of My choice.

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