• Mistress Chloe Rose

Sexy Dream

Hubby and I have been playing the forced bi/cuckold games pretty hard lately. Locking him away in chastity, making humiliating posts about him, texting guys, you know... The basics :). Well I think it finally got to Me, and I had the craziest sex dream last night. I was riding this guy, up and down on his big cock and it felt so good. Yum. Then hubby came up behind Me and fucked My ass while I rode this other guy. Anal dreams are amazing because it's so easy in the dream lol. Just pops right in ha. Anyways I came really hard and then got off the other guy's dick. I then made hubby lick everything off the other guys cock, noisy, sloppy bj, cleaning all of My cum off this guys cock :). Then I told them to make out and share My cum between them. It was hooooot. I woke up so horny from this dream and told hubby all about it much to his embarrassment lol. Anyways, that was one sexy dream. Do you wish you were there? Which boy would you want to be?

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