• Mistress Chloe Rose

How to be clean for butt play

Anal play is an important part of submission in B&D. Performing the following ritual will not only clean you internally, it will put you in the proper submissive frame of mind for anal play. It is important that you take your time with this process and be thorough so that you can concentrate on your submission and not be concerned about your cleanliness. Relax and listen to your favorite music as you perform your cleansing ritual, especially until you become accustomed to the method. This is a necessary part of being a girl and playing with your pussy. Supplies: You will need to purchase a personal enema bulb and a box of disposable enemas. The former should have a firm bulb, not an inflatable “balloon” type –sometimes called “travel”--as these are difficult to use. And, the nozzle should be about the diameter of your finger; the thin ones tend to leak under pressure. I recommend the Clean Stream bulb, available at Target and most pharmacies. Or purchase online from kink venues such as Mr. S in San Francisco. Disposable enemas

are available at all pharmacies and at most grocery stores having a pharmacy. I recommend Fleet brand. Silicone or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) lubricant. Water-based lubricants will quickly wash away. Baby shampoo. Mild antibiotic (AB) soap, such as Dove, or ones intended for infants. Preparation “aka, the Cleansing Ritual”: Use two commercial disposable enemas according to directions on the box. Do not rush this. The soda-saline will cause an initial purge. Wash your personal enema bulb out well with antibiotic soap. Squeeze a small “shot” of baby shampoo into the bulb and fill the rest of the way with warm water. Attach the nozzle. Lubricate the nozzle well with silicone-based product. Apply lubricant to your anus. Place a folded towel on the floor (or bath tub) and lie on it on your back or left side (or on all fours) as per illustrations in the Fleet enema box. Experiment to find the best position for you. Gently insert the nozzle. (Alternatively, you may find it preferable to insert the nozzle from a squatting position, then lie down.) Squeeze the bulb firmly and slowly to release the water into your rectum. Squeeze as much of the water from the bulb as you can but don’t worry if there is a little water left. Keep pressure on the bulb the entire time so it will not draw dirty water back into it—this is important!! Gently remove the nozzle and set the enema aside. Lying on your side, hold the water inside you. The soap will stimulate you to expel so hold as long as you can comfortably can, or a minute or two. When you’re ready, release the water into the toilet. Repeat until the water runs clear, usually three times. DO NOT RUSH! Repeat with a final cleansing using AB soap. Since the rectum can trap some residual water, walk around for a few minutes while tidying up. Then sit on the toilet and re-insert the nozzle just past the sphincter to drain any residual liquid. When you’re done, wash the bulb and nozzle thoroughly with AB soap and hot water, letting them fully dry before putting them away. Be proud of the trained bitch boi you are as you eagerly submit your ass for My pleasure.

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