• Mistress Chloe Rose

Thorny Delights

So I've been wanting to do this session for years now. Ever since I saw someone saran wrap someone with thornless roses.

I was like "man but without the thorns what's the point?" LOL. Sounds like Me right? No pain no gain.

So first problem... Where to find thorns...

Harder than you might think. None of the stores carry roses with thorns anymore.

Trust Me My sub looked everywhere lol.

So instead I chose to clip several long stems from one of My own rose plants.

I did of course spray down the stems in the sink and then again with hydrogen peroxide to sterilize them. I didn't want to give My client nor Myself an infection from being pricked.

Instead of saran I did decide to go with coban. The idea of the coban restricting and pushing the thorns deeper really appealed to Me. Plus I definitely didn't want to deal with saran tearing over and over.

(The spots on his skin are wax)

Once wrapped I obviously had to continue the fun by flogging subby in the sections that had been covered in thorns. High on his back... Across the chest and across the butt of course :)

Subby said it was a bit like predicament bondage in that every time he moved it hurt more. The surprising part of this is that subby had no bleeding at all when I removed the thorns. I would have absolutely figured he'd have needed a bandaid but no he had less cuts than I did! LOL. Go figure!

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